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AI-Artist, Project Manager and Fundraiser - research with Stockholm Royal Institute of Technology (immersive exhibition)

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Elliott Nicole


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We are a Berlin-based art collective, that has produced and created a multimedia immersive experience, talking about trans and non-binary identities so to educate. We are now partnering up with the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, to research the negative impacts creative AI tools can have on marginalized communities, especially LGBTQI+ and BIPOC. The findings will be an addition to our immersive exhibition, which we then want to show internationally.

The team consists of 3 artists who are active in the industry and have years of professional experience. We are currently looking for 3 more people to partner up with us;

1. Visual AI-artist, who want to create an unforgettable immersive experience for a projected wall, as well as help in the research to generate visuals, and work together with the rest of the artists in how to combine and present these findings visually together with the previously created work.

2. Fundraiser: who will find and raise funding for the project (funding for salaries, further production costs and application fees).

3. Project manager/booker who is responsible for getting us booked into galleries, museums and festivals.

All roles require network and previous experience within fine arts.

We are open for suggestions on how we can collaborate regarding hours, timeline, length and how the partnership would be shaped. As soon as we have the team set, the fundraising begins.

More about the art project:

The art project focuses on creating empathy in order to educate and spread awareness. It currently exists both as a physical experience and in short film format. The installation consists of sound, film, textile artworks. We might also turn it into NFTs. Most of the production is done, and the project has already had its first exhibition in Sweden, 2022.

We are a fun and dynamic group with big ambitions, who are excited to meet our next collaborators who will lift this off the ground! The current team consists of: performance and visual artist & creative director, film director and writer, as well as music producer.

If interested, send an email to @email

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