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For Contributions to DICE: Orbital Entities, 26-37 March 2022



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DICE Conference + Festival


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Application deadline: February 1st (but we welcome early submissions, so please submit your application as soon as you can)

DIGITAL PROGRAMME - worldwide submissions encouraged!

DICE is a music and discourse festival dedicated to creating a more equitable model for music spaces via an annual program that actively explores new structures for remote connection, innovative collaboration, skill-sharing, community-building and intersectional support within the sound arts.

We’re looking for additional contributions that explore and reflect on the music scene and its current as well as future landscape in the form of lectures, workshops, presentations, interviews, discussions, audio-visual performances, collaborative documents and more.

This will be our last installment in our DICE Orbital Entities series. What keeps us anchored and what propels us further along our creative trajectories? How do we find connection in a reality where we are both hyper-connected and isolated?

In response to the times we're currently living in, DICE Orbital Entities Volume 4 will take place entirely online. Restrictions imposed by the disruption of traditional modes and structures in creative industries have facilitated fresh imaginations of new realities in place of ex-norms. A multitude of channels for exchange and innovative modes of remote communication have become the new status quo. We encourage proposals conceived to cultivate new forms of connection and exploration in the digital realm.

Submissions should focus on the intersection of music and sonic creations with the Orbital Entities concept in the following formats:

  • Artistic & Collaborative Practice
  • Listening Sessions
  • Music or Digital Art Production Workshops
  • Online AV performances and games
  • Performances designed for online contexts
  • Collective Initiatives and Panels
  • Pre-recorded live performances
  • Mixes
  • Mental Health and the Arts
  • Accessibility
  • Environmental & Financial Sustainabilities
  • and others

Artist fees will be granted according to the statutory guidelines for artist remuneration.

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