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Eupa Sound and Colour Open Call



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EUPA Project
Maria Kubysh


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Sound and Colour

Eupa Project is looking for submissions for the 2022 instalment themed Sound and Colour. This is a hybrid multidisciplinary art work that aims to give any artist from any discipline an opportunity to collaborate together through a digital call and response.

Eupa is an online- and offline (hybrid) curating organisation that aims to ignite new ways of ; forming communities, protecting cultural heritage and cultivating international collaborations. It is run by artists from Germany, Uganda and Kenya.

For this round, Eupa, a multi-coloured group of creatives, wants to explore how sound and colour elements affect our day-to-day lives. Through this call Eupa is seeking the collaboration of musicians, painters, artist of all backgrounds, and well-wishers to respond artistically to the music of colours and paint sounds.

We will post some hint sound and art pieces on Eupa Website, and invite artists to respond. The musicians make music on the visual pictures that we post. And the visual artists create visual art pieces for the music and or performances pieces.

This would make a rich tapestry of “chain-mail” art and music pieces, each corresponding to a previous one. The results ‌would ‌feature on the website and other (or the same) artists will respond to them.

In the end, we will have a collection of sound and visual pieces. We will organize an online exhibition, and possibly offline exhibition in Uganda, details TBD.

Materials to submit:

  • Sound or music piece via WeTransfer link.
  • AND/OR visual art piece or photograph WeTransfer, Google Drive or web link.
  • Your name, email, and the country where you are from.
  • If you are responding to a work already on the website, please indicate which one.
  • Any links or social media handles you’d like us to include, such as Instagram, Youtube, Soundcloud, Facebook or your website link.

Thank you!

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