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re:natura #03 – Myxos

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Hendrik Klatte


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Sound Art

Often associated with disgust, disease or decay, hydrogels – also known as mucus, secretion, jelly, or goo – form a cornerstone of life. Essential biological functions such as mobility, (immune) defense, reproduction, or food intake are often enabled by complex and diverse colloid networks. In water, underground or in the air; in interfaces or under extreme conditions: so-called biofilms can be found everywhere, forming an almost universal interface.

From Bathybius Haeckelii - the presumed "primordial matter" – as the source of life, to holobiontic hybrid beings according to Lynn Margulis, or as a purveyor of cosmic horror à la H. R. Giger or H. P. Lovecraft, it is impossible to imagine human cultural history without slime. But, even this universal medium is confronted with the complex outgrowths of man-made climate change, such as the acidification of the oceans or the extinction of species.

After Symbiosis and Ratio, artists in the field of sound art, sound design and experimental music are invited to share their approach to this quite obscure, as well as elementary topic in the third edition of the re:natura compilation series. The essence of slime, which rarely comes to the fore but is nevertheless ever present, is given a stage. Associative, descriptive as well as analytical concepts are welcome.

Submission are due Sunday, July 16, 2023:

Please adhere to our submission notes – only submissions via the google form will be accepted!

After a subsequent review, a selection of 6-10 titles will be compiled and published on our Bandcamp website.

The compilation is curated by our label - the selection will be made based on formal requirements as well as artistic quality and harmony with our self-image. The entire proceeds of the compilation will go to the biodiversity program of Friends Of The Earth Germany.

if you have any questions about our project or your submission, please contact @email

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