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SAP Space Open Call 2023

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SAP Space


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Founded in 2022, SAP Space is a project space in Neukölln that sits in the Hinterhof of a Berlin Altbau, and uses the garden as a conceptual springboard. SAP Space is seeking proposals for future programming, including curatorial proposals, proposals for one-off events, and individual works to be considered for group shows.

While we are, of course, interested in artwork that relates to the garden and its inhabitants directly, we are also looking for proposals that consider the topic in oblique or abstract ways. In fact, the garden as a framing device can be about most everything and anything: including borders, ownership, migration, care, labor and leisure, etc etc… This year, for example, we’re interested in ideas around extraction and the future of nature.

SAP Space includes a stand-alone building that measures roughly 25 m2, as well as the garden around it. We can therefore accommodate works that are meant to be shown in a more traditional setting (ie. white walls, indoors) as well as works that are installed outdoors. Keep in mind that the garden itself is small, and is also an extension of our living space, where we grow plants, eat meals, and hang out with our pets.

Because we are a relatively new project space, we do not yet have any funding. We run this space on an entirely voluntary basis. We are able to cover some installation costs, but as of now, we cannot promise any fees for participation. That is, of course, subject to change — pending funding that we’re actively trying to secure. We promise to be 100% transparent about it. In the meantime, income from the sale of the drinks and snacks will be split amongst artists. And because of our current limitations, proposals that require any shipping or transportation of artworks from outside of Berlin will be the sole responsibility of the artists.


Only submissions in PDF form will be considered. The PDF should be titled SAP2023_yourname and be emailed to @email with the title of the email as SAP2023.

For works to be considered for programming in the Spring and Summer, please send your proposals by March 20th, 2023 (Spring Equinox… to celebrate new beginnings). For works to be considered for later on in the year, send your proposals by May 20th, 2023. After this date, we will no longer read submissions until the next open call.

The PDF should include:

The name of a primary contact and an email address.

A written proposal (500 words max but feel free to be concise and use less words). For individual artists, this can just be your [abridged] artist statement.

A selection of works to be considered, along with a few sentences about the individual works. Dimensions and medium are helpful, links to time-based works should be uncomplicated, and a simple description can be given if necessary. If the proposal includes multiple artists, list their names and contact information.

Just make sure the proposal is succinct and legible. Do not direct us to your website or Instagram unless absolutely necessary.

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