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wanted: artists / musicians - sound project for MKG exhibition in 2023

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Julia Romas


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Bundesland Berlin
Music project for the live performance for the opening; exhibition "Learning from Loheland" in June 2023

WANTED: For the exhibition "Learning from Loheland" for MKG Hamburg we are looking for 3 – 4 Berlin musicians who working in the field of experimental music, electronic music, avantgarde. From October on we will create a music piece for the opening of the exhibition in Museum Kunst und Gewerbe in Hamburg that will underline the opening performance. If you are also interested in a nice side effect in creating a future music project / group together with the goal to rehearsal weekly, create, perform, record / album, please let us know, we would like to start something.

  • Theme: Music project for the live performance for the opening; exhibition "Learning from Loheland" in June 2023
  • Location: Museum MKG Hamburg
  • Duration of the exhibition: June - August 2023
  • Performance: Showing at the opening (performance will be filmed and shown as part of the installation in the long-term exhibition)

Theme: The starting point is Loheland, a visionary, feminist settlement and school project in the Hessian province that was founded in 1919 by the gymnastics teachers and artists Louise Langgaard and Hedwig van Rohden. They reached young women from basic gymnastics training in artistic and manual techniques and thus prepare them for an independent existence. Like the Bauhaus founded in the same year, Loheland was influenced by the life reform movement and the avant-garde movement to develop a new image of man. As part of Learning From Loheland, a quickly forgotten chapter of German design and art history will be presented, followed by artistic works that open up utopian spaces in the present. For the project, five artists from the fields of stage design, moving image/film, painting, performance and design will come together to immerse themselves in the history of Loheland and to draw inspiration for their own and joint work from Loheland's rich productivity.

small info about you / portfolio / links / music projects –– till 01.10.2022 to @email

Stiftung Loheland:
Workshops for the New Woman: Loheland at 100«, Blog des Museum of Modern Art, New York 2019 (englisch)
»100 Jahre Loheland«, Baunetzwoche, November 2019 .html

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