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Artist-in-Residence: La Paternal Espacio Proyecto, Buenos Aires

We are inviting Argentine and foreign artists to live and work in Buenos Aires, with the possibility of participating in three separate exhibitions over the course of 2011-2012:  La Noche de los Museos (November), PAPO / Art in Public Spaces (the whole year), and Arte y Tecnología (May).

LPEP offers a production and exhibition space that includes close contact with institutions (galleries, museums, artists, cultural centers, and alternative spaces) as suited to the needs of the project of each artist/resident.

LPEP's objective is to promote dialogue between artists of different disciplines and between Art and Society.  Since its inception three years ago, more than 80 artists from different disciplines have exhibited in the residency.


- Must have your own project in artistic production or investigation (whether in art or communication).
- Must speak Spanish and/or English.
- Must be 21 or older.
- Must have interest in collaborating with LPEP's ongoing programs.


To be considered, candidates must present a folder with the following:
- Personal and professional history (Curriculum Vitae)
- Portfolio of work
- Proposed project to be developed during the residency
- Letter of intention

*LPEP does not offer grants.

RESIDENCE space features:
- Bedrooms between 12 and 15 mts2
- Shared kitchen and bath
- A large outdoor terrace
- Workshop/studio space
- Exhibition space
- Production office.

The residence will also be graced with the presence of Vladimir and Vigo, the 2 resident felines.


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10963 Berlin

tel 030 230899-0
fax 030 230899-19