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The history of the bbk berlin

In 1950 a group of artists, among them René Sintenis, Richard Scheibe, Karl Schmidt-Rottluff und Hannah Höch, called for the foundation of a professional artist’s association in berlin. In the same year, the memorandum “Art in Need” (“Kunst in Not”) was released, giving a drastic but competent “state-of-emergency” report on the social situation of artists in Berlin.

The bbk berlin defines itself as a protective association, safeguarding and securing the economic and social interests of artists within a democratic society.

In the 1950s, the bbk berlin successfully improved  social security  and exhibition opportunities for artists.

Significantly, it initiated the Artist‘s Congress in Frankfurt (Main) in 1971, taking politics back on board as one of it‘s main objectives. It‘s main success was to establish the „Artists’ Social Security Fund“ (KSK).

The bbk berlin‘s demands resulted in an expansion to the Printing studio and the foundation of the Sculpture workshop for the Berlin artists. In conjunction with the Office for Art in public spaces and the Studio office, these provide an infrastructure for professional artists, which is unique in Europe, based on a critically assessed cooperation of the bbk berlin with the State of Berlin for over two decades.

This collaboration has been continued with the establishment of the Media studio since 2008.

The members of the bbk berlin e.V. voted for a new statute and changed the name of their association to "berufsverband bildender künstler*innen berlin" in 2017.


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