Callie's, Berlin – Artist-in-Residence Program


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Callie's gGmbH
Lindower Straße 20, 13347 Berlin


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Callie’s is a non-profit experimental institution founded for the purpose of fostering creativity, cultural exchange, and cross-disciplinary collaboration. Through residencies, exhibitions, and public programs, we strive to support local and international artists while becoming a resource for our immediate community. Callie’s operates in the spirit of inquiry; our activities are a form of research aimed at developing new models of social and artistic engagement.

The residency program at Callie’s is a laboratory for expansive thinking. Artists at any stage of their careers—and working in any discipline—come to Callie’s to explore new ideas. The residency program is self-guided and offers many possibilities with no requirements for production. Although accomodations at Callie’s vary, artists-in-residence are typically given private studios approximately 200m2 in size. It is also possible to request a residency located in our movement, sound, or writing studios.

The movement studio is equipped with a professional-grade sprung floor; The cooperative sound studio is shared and scheduled by a small group of practitioners; “The Writer’s Room” is a modest room designed as a space to focus without distraction. All of the spaces benefit from natural light. The residency program receives applications on a continuous basis and does not structure open calls thematically, geographically, or otherwise. Applicants can specify their preferred length of residence (up to six months) on the application form.