Callie's, Berlin – Artist-in-Residence Program


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Callie's gGmbH
Lindower Straße 20, 13347 Berlin


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All information on the website is available in English and German.
Alle Informationen auf der Website sind auch in Deutsch vorhanden. (siehe Link)

Callie’s is a non-profit experimental institution founded for the purpose of fostering creativity, cultural exchange, and crossdisciplinary collaboration. Through residencies, exhibitions, and public programs, we strive to support local and international artists while becoming a resource for our immediate community Callie’s operates in the spirit of inquiry; our activities are a form of research aimed at developing new models of social and artistic engagement.

The residency program at Callie’s is a laboratory for expansive thinking. Artists at any stage of their careers—and working in any discipline—come to Callie’s to explore new ideas. The residency program is self-guided and offers many possibilities with no requirements for production.

Admittance to the program is both by application and invitation; local and international artists are encouraged to apply. Financial support for costs associated with traveling to Berlin may be available depending on specific needs, and visiting artists may request to stay in one of our on-site micro-apartments. The residency program receives applications on a continuous basis and does not  structure open calls thematically, geographically, or otherwise.