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Supplement to “Operating Manual For Spaceship Earth”:
Category: Maintenance and security
Keyword: Exchange of lubrication
Tool: Art

The world machine runs hot. The system is visibly losing its necessary rhythm. A terrible squeaking fills the orbit. The droning of bombs, the wails of the hungry, the dull call of the drowning. The glaciers melt, the deserts expand. Our wondrous human energy loses itself in ugly abrasion as it flows forever in the same places.
Reason: The lubricant is too old, important parts of the machine are no longer being reached, while other spots are clustered. This kind of lubricant is not suited for constant use. Either that or the regular check up intervals have been ignored.
The lubricant is called “money”
Money is a product of art. Money is made by humans. We make the money. So it is also only us who can change it, to allow it to function without friction.

Open Call:
In this call we are looking for ideas of what could ultimately inspire new forms of money or that can be practically applied as such. There can also be practical instruction as to the revelation of release and refill valves and awards for their correct application. Whether: artwork, magic, text, poem, song, recipe, medicine, program, construct, concept, manual,
…everything is possible … everything is welcome.

Search criteria: practical application, ability to decluster, inspirational capacity.

Nominations and Prize: Up to ten submissions can be nominated. One of the nominations receives the prize money.
Prize money: 1000,- EUR or 0,34 ETH
Jury: Silvia Gaetti (curator), Sarah Hillebrecht (artist), Dr. Philipp Kapp (publisher), Georg Mann (artist), additional persons n.n.

the judges'decision is final / any recourse to courts of law is excluded 

Form: description of idea/presentation: maximum one A4 page. 
Sketches, explanations and depictions (including videos in the form of links to Vimeo, YouTube or as a downloadable link): maximum 8 A4 pages.
Short biography: maximum 1 A4 page

Please attach your application as a single-PDF (A4, maximum 10 pages, maximum 15 MB) in total. Please send the PDF document via e-mail (subject: your name_freeflow 2022) to: info@timeship.earth

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