Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we are currently only offering consultations by phone and ask you to refrain from visiting our office. All consultations take place regularly (by telephone).

Exclusive offers for members

The bbk berlin is the only artists’ association in Germany to provide legal aid for its members. However, Berlin must be the responsible court of jurisdiction.

Professional legal protection can be granted for legal disputes, e.g. with galleries, exhibitors and clients or – with pertinence to the artistic profession – with insurance companies or government administrations. Please contact our legal advisor as soon as possible, as the bbk will not cover costs of legal advice made prior to getting in touch with our legal department!

In order to avoid unjustifiable risks to your fellow members, the chair committee will only grant free legal protection after consulting our expert lawyers’ opinion on your case. Your claim should be legally founded and liable to succeed in court.

Any application for legal aid should be made to the bbk  berlin. A personal interview is mandatory.

Conversation partner: lawyer Mr Klaus Blancke

-> see legal advice

Rechtsschutzverordnung des bbk berlin e.V. in German only

Legal advice from the bbk berlin is available to members and comprises a comprehensive range of services. These include contractual matters relating to clients and contractors, galleries and exhibitors, and disputes with administrative authorities. The bbk berlin's legal advice can also help in respect to problems with the artists' social insurance fund (KSK), the job centre, and the social welfare office. As a rule, advice should be sought before concluding important agreements and contracts.

Conversation partner: lawyer Mr Klaus Blancke

Office hours: on Mondays from 9 am  – 12 by phone 030-230 899-42, and from 12 - 2 pm by appointment only.

On 17 August and 21 September the legal advice must unfortunately be cancelled.
On 09 November the legal advice will only take place from 11:30 am.


In matters of tenancy law please contact the → legal advice on studio rental (open offer for all artists* in Berlin ↓)

Further information can be found under FAQs - Social Affairs / Keyword: Künstlersozialkasse-KSK, ALG II, Social emergency

The tax consultancy offers assistance with all types of taxes as well as bookkeeping and accounting questions. Artists venturing out on a freelance career can get information about their tax obligations and rights in a twenty-minute consultation. Advisers are also available to answer individual questions on specific topics and assist with the preparation of tax returns.

Conversation partners: Ms Hobohm, Mr Dr. Klier, Mr Vogel

Office hours: once a month on Wednesdays from 11am- 3pm by appointment only.

Our insurance advice provides members with information on various types of insurance policies in advance of planning a commission or transport etc. and to find individual solutions for essential insurance protection. Insurance advice at the bbk berlin answers the following questions:

  • Which insurance policies are absolutely essential? Existing risks and requirements are being analysed
  • How much should they cost and what coverage is to be expected? A comprehensive and independent assessment is made on offers, contract specifications and general terms and conditions
  • What points should be considered on terminating an insurance contract? Tips for cancelling, changing and signing contracts
  • What can be done in the event of an insurance company refusing to meet its legal obligations? Advice on claims
  • Drawing up expert reports to let the rvbb Berlin deal with your claim: rvbb Berlin
  • In which circumstances do you need to be insured through the Artists’ Social Fund - KSK? Assistance with application forms and general questions on compulsory insurances

Conversation partner: insurance agent Ms Susanne Haid, independent insurance consultant, admitted AG Berlin / permission according to §34d Abs.2 Gewo (rvbb-Rechtsberatung für Versicherungsangelegenheiten in Berlin und Brandenburg: www.rvbb.de)

Office hours: every second Thursday in month by previous appointment 11am – 1pm

You will find further information under FAQ - Social issues / Keyword: Insurance advice

Members of the compulsory statutory pension insurance scheme receive state subsidies within the framework of private provision. These include self-employed persons, such as artists, teachers, parents during child-raising periods, and people in marginal employment (mini-jobs) under certain circumstances. Members of the bbk berlin who are compulsorily insured through the Künstlersozialkasse (KSK) should not miss out on this state support under any circumstances. In order to decide whether an additional, private old-age provision makes sense for you, you should examine your current status carefully, as well as your ideas about how financially secure you wish to be in old age. Criteria that you should answer for yourself before coming to a consultation:

  • How much is my expected statutory pension? (see pension notification from the Deutsche Rentenversicherung Bund)
  • My current financial situation
  • How much money do I need to spend now in order to reach my personal target for pension provision in old age?

Riester Pension Prerequisite: You are a member of the KSK and subject to pay pension insurance in Germany. The Riester pension is offered in five different forms such as bank savings plan, fund savings plan, building society savings contract, and classic or unit-linked pension insurance.

Conversation partner: insurance agent Ms Susanne Haid, independent insurance consultant, admitted AG Berlin / permission according to §34d Abs.2 Gewo (rvbb-Rechtsberatung für Versicherungsangelegenheiten in Berlin und Brandenburg: www.rvbb.de)

Office hours: every second Thursday in month by previous appointment 11am – 1pm

You will find further information under FAQ - Social issues / Keyword: Insurance advice, Pension advice, Riester pension

What claims can artists assert as members of the VG Bild-Kunst collecting society? From 2020, the bbk will offer  its members advice on questions concerning their free membership in the VG Bild-Kunst.

Conversation partner: Mr Martin Zellerhoff, artist and photographer

Office hours: four times a year - on 11.02., 12.05., 09.06. and 13.10.2020, Tuesdays 11am -1pm

The advisory service is free of charge to all members of the bbk berlin. In urgent cases, non-members who are professional visual artists can also contact the office.

    Please arrange a personal consultation by ringing the bbk berlin office on:
    Monday - Thursday 11 am  - 3 pm
    tel 030 230 899 - 0

    Open advisory services for all visual artists in Berlin

    The bbk berlin, through its legal services provides artists with advice on problems relating to studio rentals, i.e. tenant’s law, exorbitant rent, difficulties due to a mixed use of premises for private and commercial use (studio flats), faults and repairs, disputes occurring on shared studios before new leases. The bbk berlin offers this service in cooperation with the Berlin tenants association (“Berliner Mieterverein”).

    Conversation partner: lawyer Mr Johann Heinrich Lüth.

    Office hours: every first and third Wednesday of a month, 5 – 7 pm (no registration required!).

    At present, the legal advice on studio rental is provided exclusively by telephone: 030 230 899 - 42

    Orientation cunsultation of Kulturwerk des bbk berlin: The office offers advice to visual artists from Germany and abroad, who want to start their career in Berlin. It offers support with the most important questions about working as a professional artist and helps artists to orientate themselves in the art city of Berlin. Consultations are free of charge.

    Conversation partner: Nina Korolewski

    Office hours by appointment only:
    tel 030.230 899-15 or by mail: welcome@bbk-kulturwerk.de

    The advisory service is free of charge to all visual artists in Berlin.