Invitation: Summer Plenum of the Free Scene!

Dear Independent Arts Community,

The next plenum of the Coalition of the Indepenent Arts will take place on Tuesday, August 17 at 6pm in UFERSTUDIOS in front of studio 11 (Uferstudios | Uferstraße 23, 13357 Berlin [U8 Gesundbrunnen]). Please come and let as many other members of the community know about it as possible – we are stronger together!

We are holding this plenum in both analog as well as digital form. Unfortunately, there it is only possible for a total of 60 people to attend this event physically. To attend in person, please register by August 10 by sending an email to We will send the link to attend the event digitally along with the hygiene rules for the analog visitors with the reminder in about two weeks.

As announced at the last two plena, we are looking for new members of the Speaker’s Circle who are not representatives of the advocacy groups for the respective artistic disciplines, particularly those who are dedicated and work interdisciplinary, as articulated in the statement on our structure:

“The plenum has the opportunity to elect individuals from the independent arts community to serve in the Speaker’s Circle. Elections and calls for candidacies must be communicated by the Speaker’s Circle with a notice of at least 6 weeks. Suggestions for candidates from the independent arts community must be submitted to the Speaker’s Circle at least 3 weeks before the election and published by the Speaker’s Circle. Those candidates who receive more than half of the votes from the individuals attending the plenum will be elected. If there are more candidates than there are open positions, then those with the most votes will be elected. Speakers are elected for a term of two years and there are no term limits. 

This time, as an exception, we would like to shorten the deadlines – announcements at least 2 weeks before the election and the publication of the candidates as well 2 weeks before the election. If there are any objections to this change, please send us an email to In this case, we will move the elections to the fall plenum on November 17, 2021. We hope, however, to be able to hold the elections as planned on August 17, 2021. We ask everyone who would like to be a candidate to send a brief statement of motivation and a CV to by August 3, 2021. An overview of the candidates will be sent with the reminder for the plenum.

Here’s what we have on the agenda this time:

  • TOP 1 Update from the Speaker’s Circle
  • TOP 2 Update from PROSA
  • TOP 3 Election of Independent Speakers During the Summer Plenum
  • TOP 4 Updates from the Work Groups
  • TOP 5 Miscellaneous

 We look forward to many applications to expand the Speaker’s Circle and to a well-attended plenum on Tuesday, August 17 at 6pm in Uferstudios.

 The Speaker’s Circle