Save the date: General meeting with election of the board in the sculpture workshop

rundbrief poster Mai 2022

To the members of the bbk berlin: Save the date - 24.05.2022, 6 p.m.

It's a Tuesday this time!
Place: Sculptor's workshop of the bbk berlin
Osloer Strasse 102, 13359 Berlin

Dear artists,

this year the board cordially invites you again to the bbk berlin's bi-annual general meeting on May 24, 2022, followed by a barbecue.

The board, the office and the staff* of our societies have demanded a lot of commitment and working time from themselves. There has been more than enough to do and to cope with in the last almost two years. The board's report is broadly based, which is also influenced by the current political situation. Due to the state and federal elections, we can and must report on changes. From our invitations and press releases, members could see that things are not going smoothly in the studio rental program. We are confronted - with growing incomprehension - with political decisions that put the working spaces for visual arts in serious danger and, as a consequence, can also mean irretrievable loss of the studios.

The scandal surrounding the so-called "Kunsthalle Berlin" in Tempelhof Airport has focused much attention on these kinds of political decisions in the last six months. In January, the board had initiated an event on this.

Now Russia's war against Ukraine keeps the world in suspense. Many artists and many of their artworks, collections and museums are in danger, are irretrievably destroyed. Many have lost everything, have to start from scratch and need our support. Rescue operations are underway for people and their works. The first event took place in March. We will also report on this.

At the current general meeting, elections for the board of directors are scheduled. Connected with this is the report of the auditors. Therefore we ask you for numerous attendance.

We ask all participants to wear a FFP2 mask at the meeting. Thank you!

We propose the following agenda:


    Top 1: Opening and welcome
    Top 2: Determination of the quorum according to § 9 of the statutes
    Top 3: Election of a meeting chair and taking of minutes
    Top 4: Report of the Executive Board
    Top 5: Discussion of Top 4
    Top 6: Report of the auditors
    Top 7: Discharge of the board
    Top 8: Election of a counting commission
    Top 9: Election of the board:
            - the 2 spokespersons
            - the 5 other board members
    Top 10: Election of the cash auditors
    Top 11: Motion to change the statutes: Time limit for the general meeting
    Top 12: Motion by Peter Berresheim: Free Berlin Art Exhibition
    Top 13: Miscellaneous

With kind regards
Board of the bbk berlin e.V.

Zoë Claire Miller, Heidi Sill – Sprecherinnen, Frauke Boggasch, Patrick Huber, Sabine Reinfeld, Raul Walch