Solidarity Festival: No One’s Coming, Everyone’s Going.

Niemand Kommt Festival in Berlin

Solidarity Festival for Independent Berlin-Based Artists and Culture Makers

Peaches is going, Sasha Waltz & Guests and cie. toula limnaios are going, Sharon Dodua Otoo is going, She She Pop are going, Kathrin Röggla is going and Berlin’s entire independent arts community is going – but none of them are coming.

On July 31, 2020, an enormous festival will take place in Berlin where a stunning amount of artists, ensembles and culture makers working in all fields will take part - by not showing up. During the coronavirus pandemic, attendance and physical presence can be deadly. And, exactly because of this, many freelance artists and culture makers in Berlin haven’t been able to earn money for months and can no longer pay rent or buy groceries.

This is why we’re turning to you: Show your solidarity! Buy a ticket for Berlin’s (non) festival of the year and don’t show up! By buying a ticket, you can help to ensure Berlin’s one-of-a-kind artistic and cultural landscape still exists after this crisis has passed. An impressive number of Berliners are purchasing a ticket for € 22 and, with that, are making a donation that directly benefits freelance Berlin-based artists and culture makers. We warmly invite you to take part by not coming, buying a ticket and helping us to get the word out!

Normal Price: € 22,00 €; additional price levels: € 11, € 44 or € 95

Please help us to collect as many donations as possible to provide real support (we intend to provide relief packages of € 1,000) to as many artists and culture makers as possible.