Survey for artists on the effects of Covid-19 by the KdFS

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Call for the survey of the Independent Arts Community Berlin:

Dear artists and culture makers of Berlin’s independent arts community,

We have put together a survey to help us determine how COVID-19 has affected Berlin’s independent arts community. Alongside information regarding the financial consequences of the global pandemic, we are also asking about the ways in which it has affected your artistic work. This will allow us to collect valuable information for our political work and help us to effectively work toward solutions.

To do so, we need your help. We would be very appreciative if you could take 15 minutes to complete this survey.

We will conduct the survey through July 19, 2020 and it is, of course, completely anonymous. We will not collect IP addresses, email addresses or any other information, ensuring that your answers to the survey questions will be provided anonymously.

You can access the survey using the following link:

We are happy to answer any questions you may have. You can reach us at:

Thank you very much! Greetings in solidarity,

The Speaker’s Circle of the Independent Arts Community

Please help us reach as many members of our community as possible be sharing this link with your networks!