25.11.2020 | IFSE: German Fine Art Galleries 2020

Galerienstudie 2020 - IFSE, Hergen Wöbken in Kooperation mit dem BVDG

The Institute for Strategy Development (IFSE) in cooperation with the Federal Association of German Galleries and Fine Art Dealers (BVDG) here with presents the results of anationwide survey on the current situation of commercial galleries in Germany.

237 out of approximately 700 galleries participated in the survey. We assume that there are some 700 professional galleries in Germany. The survey was conducted online. The questionnaire comprised 62 quantitative and qualitative questions. The BVDG invited over 450 galleries via e-mail to participate. The survey was further forwarded to regional networks, among these, to the Interessengemeinschaft Stuttgarter Galerien and in Berlin to the members of the Landesverband Berliner Galerien (lvbg) as well as to Gallery Weekend participants. The timespan of the survey was August 21 to August 31 2020. 85% of the questionnaires were filled out personally by the gallery owners. https://ifse.de/Pdf/IFSE_German_Fine_Art_Galleries_2020.pdf

Download in English: https://ifse.de/Pdf/IFSE_German_Fine_Art_Galleries_2020.pdf