Corona-Update #7: Hilfen zur Antragstellung Sofortprogramm II Land Berlin

Das Soforthilfeprogramm II des Landes Berlin wurde zum 2.4.2020 eingestellt und Beantragungen sind nicht mehr möglich. Information dazu:

Die Darstellung des Landesprogramms Soforthilfe II finden Sie hier:

Dear artists,

For application to the Investitionsbank Berlin, here some tipps

of the former Secretary of State for Culture Tim Renner, who has committed himself in a great way to the cause of the artists. Tim Renner asks for the self-evident hint that he is not a lawyer, but comments on the application procedure out of civic engagement - he and we give advice to the best of our knowledge and belief, without legal guarantee.

Last Update by Tim Renner:

More detailed infos on the application process at the IBB for Soforthilfe II (applications TODAY from 1pm). What to expect:

  • First you select whether you are a freelancer / solo trader, or enter in the number of people you employ, if this is the case.
  • Then (if relevant) you enter in the legal form of your business (GbR, GmbH etc), if you are a freelancer you can put „Einzelunternehmen“. Then the field in which you work, the date of its establishment, Handelsregisternummer (this only for small businesses), tax number (the one you use for invoices) and website. If you don’t have a website, your social media presence should suffice.
  • Address, bank details (Name / IBAN)
  • Legal representative (e.g. CEO), Steueridentifikationsnummer (this you find on your tax return), passport number, telephone, email
  • Then you choose from 3 options: a) you are only applying for „Soforthilfe II“ from Berlin (5,000€); b) you are applying for a combination between funds from Berlin and Germany, meaning you are also applying for money to cover your running business costs („Betriebskosten“: not wages, but rent, electricity/gas, material costs, etc — up to 14,000€) or c) you represent a company with up to 10 employees and can provide proof that you need to cover running costs of up to 15,000€. If you choose b) or c) you have to confirm that you will ONLY use this money for running business costs. If you choose a) the money can be used more flexibly.
  • You will now have to explain why you are applying for the money. You choose between: a) partial or complete closure of business / freelance work due to lack of customers, cancellations etc; b) complete closure of business / freelance work; c) income loss due to lacking contracts, bookings, jobs etc. It is possible to select more than one option but it is advisable to stick to one, if relevant. For artists, in most cases it will be c).
  • You will have to confirm that you do not have any legal right to the Soforthilfe II (we think this means you cannot sue them if your application is rejected). Then you need to answer where you have applied for „Kleinbeihilfen“. Generally for artists the answer here will be „no“. It’s not clear whether this means the „Kurzarbeitergeld“ fund. If you have a small business and have applied for they, you should calculate the amount and enter it.
  • Then there are number of options regarding data protection to fill in.
  • *important* you have to confirm that you have understood that if the Soforthilfe II payment exceeds what you actually need (for companies for 3 months, for freelancers for 6 months), then you will have to pay the excess back.
  • According to the FAQ of the Berlin Senate): „After sending the application, the customer will receive the grant at short notice, possibly three working days, in their account, so long as the application is assessed positively and the funding is not yet exhausted.“  

Sofortprogramm II des Landes Berlin bei der IBB-Investitionsbank Berlin

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