We are at your side also in 2021.

Seasons greetings 2020


We wish you happy and peaceful holidays and above all a healthy start into 2021!

In this, for many people turbulent year 2020, we have stood by your side and will continue to do so. It has swirled us all mightily and the storm is also far from down to wind force - especially not for artists. Despite and even because of the difficult conditions, we have continued to stick to our goals and to fight for better working conditions in the arts. We thank all artists for their enriching commitment. The numerous open letters have actively supported our work. And it is not yet clear how long the pandemic and thus the difficulties for artistic work will last.

Of course we hope for the best for 2021, especially that your working conditions will return to normal. The board of the bbk berlin will work for this as well.


Best regards
Board of the bbk berlin
Frauke Boggasch, Patrick Huber, Susanne Kutter, Zoë Claire Miller, Heidi Sill, Sabine Reinfeld und Raul Walch