Committees of the bbk berlin

Members of the bbk berlin's committees are elected at the general meetings and remain in office for 2 years.

The admissions committee examines the professional exhibition and/or publication practice and/or the continuous artistic activity of those applicants for membership in the bbk berlin who do not hold a degree in fine arts (Bachelor, Diplom, Master, Meisterschüler*in or an equivalent degree) from a state recognised German or comparable foreign art school. 

Currently elected members:
Laura Bruce, Jessica Buhlmann, Lizza May David, Mark Emblem, Nathalie Giraud, Antonia Hirsch, Götz Lemberg, Alexander Platz, Eva Strautmann, Maud Tutsche

The specialist committee for art in public space submits proposals for participants to invited competitions. The Office for Art in Public Space is the executive office of this commission and forwards the proposals to the competition organisers.

Their task is to view the portfolios received from artists and to develop proposals for invited competitions. In addition, the members of the specialist committee are members of the advisory boards for art in public space in the Berlin districts. The committee thus also plays a curatorial role for art in public space in Berlin.

Prerequisites for participation in the specialist committee are a proven focus and specific experience in the field of art in public space.

Those interested in working on the bbk berlin's specialist committee for art in public space should contact the Office for Art in Public Space or stand for election directly at the bbk berlin's general meeting.

Currently elected members:
Katinka Theis, spokesperson of the commission
Gisela Genthner, Erik Göngrich, Stefan Krüskemper, Seraphina Lenz, Henrik Mayer, Patricia Pisani

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