berufsverband bildender künstler*innen berlin - the professional association of visual artists berlin

Representing the interests of visual artists in Berlin

2,750 visual artists from all artistic genres and fields are currently members of the association. The bbk berlin is independent and funded only by its membership fees.


    09.05.2023 | Uferhallen e.V. - Open Letter: WE ARE BERLIN ART AND CULTURE SCENE

    Open Letter

    The bbk berlin supports the artists in the Uferhallen. Please sign the open letter: "We, the Uferhallen e.V., represent the interests of the artists and tenants on site. We turn to you with the urgent request to support our demands and to ensure the greatest possible publicity. At stake is a production site that has grown for 15 years and a unique space for cultural exchange on the landmarked

    08.05.2023 | Artwashing Leipzig - Open Letter: Why is Palantir sponsoring the Dimensions art exhibition in Leipzig?

    Open Letter

    The bbk berlin informs about the open letter of artists from Leipzig who criticise the sponsoring of the exhibition "Dimensions" by Plantir. Please support the Leipzig artists with your signature. Excerpt: "Some questions come to mind. What was the reasoning behind Palantir’s decision to sponsor the Dimensions exhibition in Leipzig? What exactly were the role of art impresario Walter Smerling and

    21.03.2023 | The bbk berlin informs: “Berlin 2030 Climate Neutral" - Climate Referendum on March 26 - The choice is ours!

    Berlin 2030 Klimaneutral

    Der bbk berlin informiert: Mit dem Volksentscheid am 26. März steht eine Änderung des Berliner Klimaschutz- und Energiewendegesetzes zur Abstimmung. Ziel ist die Ausrichtung der Berliner Klimapolitik am 1,5-Grad-Ziel aus dem Pariser Klimaschutzabkommen. Wenn der Volksentscheid erfolgreich ist, ändert sich das Gesetz direkt und muss umgesetzt werden.

    21.03.2023 | The bbk berlin informs: ver.di calls for a rally on March 25 | We will not pay for your crisis!

    Kundgebung verdi am 25. März 2023 12 Uhr am Brandenburger Tor

    Alle ächzen unter den steigenden Preisen. Insbesondere diejenigen mit geringem Einkommen müssen bei einer Inflationsrate von sechs bis acht Prozent jährlich jeden Euro dreimal umdrehen. [...] Auch die Mieten steigen seit Jahren in Berlin extrem. [...] Besonders schlimm ist die Situation für die, die eh schon wenig haben. [...] Wir werden nicht länger akzeptieren, dass Menschen mit ihrem Geld nicht

    21.02.2023 | Open Letter: Blocked by the Border

    Open Letter

    0 researchers, cultural workers, journalists, and activists from 25 countries call on event organizers throughout “Europe” and beyond: Stand together against the EU border regime and publicize the occasions when borders sabotage our efforts to build spaces of transnational conversation and cooperation! Dear organizers of conferences, exhibitions, festivals, hackathons and cultural, educational and

    27.01.2023 | The Network of Free Berlin Project Spaces and Initiatives: STATEMENT


    ON THE ALLOCATION OF € 1 MILLION CONCEPT FUNDING „KONZEPTFÖRDERUNG“ FOR PROJECT SPACES AND INITIATIVES BY SenKE TO ONLY 12 PROJECT SPACES. The Network of Free Berlin Project Spaces and Initiatives welcomes the increase in funding for the severely underfunded project space scene [...] The selection was made in a non-transparent manner and, according to SenKE, on the basis of additional needs

    26.01.2023 | Housing Benefit Reform 2023: More beneficiaries

    With the Housing Benefit Reform as of 01.01.2023, the income limits and the housing allowance amount were increased significantly. For example, the upper income limit for housing benefit in 2023 in Berlin (rent level 4) is 1,466 euros per month for a 1-person household. From January 1, 2023, the costs for heating and hot water will also be included in the calculation.


      Protest Exhibition: SPECULATIVE PROPERTIES

      Speculative Properties © Petri Henriksson

      The bbk berlin informs: The weekend of June 16th–18th in Kreuzberg's Adalbertstraße 9 is dedicated to an artistic action that focuses on the on-going loss of artists’ studios in Berlin and the eviction of the Adalbertstraße 9 artist community. The protest-exhibition came about as a reaction to the takeover of the Adalbertsraße 9 building complex at Kotti by the real-estate company Coros Management