History of the bbk berlin

Celebration - We will turn 75 in 2025!

In 1950 Renée Sintenis, Richard Scheibe, Karl Schmidt-Rottluff, and Hannah Höch, among others, called for the foundation of a professional association for artists in Berlin. In the same year, the memorandum "Kunst in Not" (Art in Need) was written, taking drastic and competent stock of visual artists' social situation in Berlin. This formed the basis for the association's work.

First and foremost, the professional association views itself as an association for the protection and enforcement of visual artists' economic as well as social interests in a democratic social order. From the very beginning, it has successfully advocated for improved social security for artists and the simultaneous expansion of their opportunities to exhibit their works.

One decisive event in the association's history was the Frankfurt Artists' Congress in 1971, which led to the introduction of social insurance for artists.

The association responded to demands for better production conditions for Berlin artists in 1973 by expanding the printing workshop, which had existed since 1955, and in 1985 by establishing a sculpture workshop. In cooperation with the state of Berlin, the media workshop was established in 2008. Together with the Office for Art in Public Space and the Studio Office, as institutions that are part of to the kulturwerk of the bbk berlin, they form an infrastructure for professional artists that is unique in Europe.

In 1973, the association responded to demands for better production conditions for Berlin artists by expanding the printing workshop, which had existed since 1955, and founding its Kulturwerk GmbH. At the end of the 1970s, the pilot project "Further Training for Artists" in cooperation with the HdK (today University of the Arts) took place at Köthener Str. 44, Berlin-Kreuzberg. In 1980, the Bildungswerk GmbH emerges from this for professionalization with a sector-specific program for artists. In 1985, the Kulturwerk is expanded by establishing a sculpture workshop and a media workshop in 2008 in cooperation with the Berlin Senat. With the Büro für Kunst im öffentlichen Raum (Office for Art in Public Space), founded in 1977, and the Atelierbüro (Studio Office) with its Studio Funding Program, established in 1991, all facilities of the kulturwerk and the bildungswerk of the bbk berlin form an infrastructure for professional artists that is unique in Europe.

In 2016/17, the association revised its bylaws and has since been known as the berufsverband bildender künstler*innen berlin. In addition, the model of two spokespersons was introduced for the Board.


Since July 2022: current board members -->
Frauke Boggasch (spokesperson), Zoë Claire Miller (spokesperson), Johannes Büttner, Birgit Cauer, Sybell Kim, Markues (until August 2023), Raul Walch, Rüzgâr Buşki (as of Nov 2023)

Zoë Miller (spokesperson), Heidi Sill (spokesperson), Frauke Boggasch, Patrick Huber, Susanne Kutter (until March 2022), Sabine Reinfeld, Raul Walch

Zoë Miller (spokesperson), Heidi Sill (spokesperson), Frauke Boggasch, Patrick Huber, Sabine Reinfeld, Sophie-Therese Trenka-Dalton, Raul Walch

Heidi Sill (1st chair until Nov 2016, spokesperson), Cornelia Renz (2nd chair until Nov 2016, spokesperson), Herbert Mondry, Patrick Huber, Thomas Schliesser, Zoë Miller, Sophie-Therese Trenka-Dalton

Herbert Mondry (1st chair), Pia Lanziger (2nd chair), Konrad Zander, Lou Favorite, Marìa Linares, Cornelia Renz, Diego Castro (until 2015), Heidi Sill (as of 2015)

Herbert Mondry (1st chair), Karina Pospiech (2nd chair), Roland Fuhrmann (until 2013), Pia Lanziger (as of 2013), Keike Twisselmann, Konrad Zander, Lou Favorite, Diego Castro

Herbert Mondry (1st chair), Signe Theill (2nd chair until 2011), Karina Pospiech (2nd chair as of 2011), Heidi Sill (until 2011), Lou Favorite (as of 2011), Keike Twisselmann, Konrad Zander

Herbert Mondry (1st chair), Signe Theill, Heidi Sill (2nd chair), Heiner Büld, Keike Twisselmann, Konrad Zander, Martin Pfahler, Dr. Frieder Schnock (2010)

Herbert Mondry (1st chair), Ute Weiss Leder (2nd chair as of Sept 2007), Signe Theill (2nd chair as of 2007), Heidi Sill, Patrick Huber, Zariamma Harat (until 2007), Helga Franz (as of 2007), Keike Twisselman, Martin Pfahler

Herbert Mondry (1st chair), Ute Weiss Leder (2nd chair), Ricarda Pohl (until 2005), Heidi Sill (as 2005), Jo Achermann, Keike Twisselmann, Zariamma Harat, Martin Pfahler

Herbert Mondry (1st chair), Natascha Kaßner (2nd chair until 2003), Stella Vlachopoulos (until 2003), Sven Jakubith (until 2003), Markus Bartschat (until 2003), Alke Brinkmann (until 2003), Ute Weiss Leder (2nd chair as of 2003), Jo Achermann (as of 2003), Ricarda Pohl (as of 2003), Jörg Bürkle (as of 2003), Zariamma Harat (as of 2003), Oliver Belling (as of 2003)

Herbert Mondry (1st chair), Sven Jakubith (2nd chair until 2001), Andreas Sunder-Plassmann (2nd chair as of 2001), Manfred Miersch (2nd chair as of 2001), Roman Banerjee, Barbara Schulze, Markus Bartschat, Volker Rehm, Markku Peltonen

Herbert Mondry (1st chair), Wolfgang Matzat (2nd chair until 1999), Sven Jakubith (2nd chair as of 1999), Alke Brinkmann, Roman Banerjee, Hilla Stute, Hermann Spörel, Markus Bartschat

Herbert Mondry (1st chair), Ulrich Grüter (2nd chair until Nov.1998), Wolfgang Matzat (2nd chair as of Nov.1998), Alke Brinkmann, Hermann Spörel, Roman Banerjee, Markus Bartschat, Sirius Krenzien (until June1997), Sandra Becker (as of June 1997)

Herbert Mondry (1st chair), Karla Gänßler (2nd chair), Rainer Bonar (resigned in 1995), Alke Brinkmann, Roman Banerjee, Astrid Mosch, Jürgen Hoffmann (until 1993), Detlef Ziep (until 1995), Sirius Krenzien (as of 1995), Hermann Spörel

Herbert Mondry (1st chair), Susanne Husemann (2. Vorsitzende, bis 1992), Oda Schöller (2nd chair until1993), Rainer Bonar, Karl Wesker, Jürgen Hoffmann, Rainer Fest, Stefanie Näpel, Robert Rehfeldt (as of 1992),

Prof. Wolfgang Ludwig (1st chair), Dieter Ruckhaberle (2nd chair), Susanne Husemann (interm 2nd chair), Markus Müller, Brigitte Heimann-Paquet, Hans Joachim Schreiber, Inge Husemann

Prof. Wolfgang Ludwig (1st chair), Gisela Burkhart (2nd chair until 1988), Inge Husemann (interim 2nd chair), Stefanie Vogel, Dieter Ruckhaberle, Carlos José Martins, Klaus Hartmann, Brigitte Heimann-Paquet

Prof. Wolfgang Ludwig (1st chair), Katja Jedermann (2nd chair), Gisela Burkhart, Evelyn Kuwertz (1984), Hartmut Krüger (1985), Klaus Schröter, Birgit von Toerne (until 1985), Rüdiger Preisler (as of 1985), Yeter Hanefi (1984), Ernst-Gottfried Hopffgarten, Stefanie Vogel

Prof. Wolfgang Ludwig (1st chair), Katja Jedermann (2nd chair), Bernhard Mensch, Gerd Wulff, Klaus Büscher, lngolf Kirsch, Stephan Preuschoff

Prof. Wolfgang Ludwig (1st chair), Dieter Ruckhaberle (2nd chair), Bernhard Mensch, Katja Jedermann, Klaus Büscher, Dieter Masuhr, Vera Krickhahn (2nd chair), Tom Fecht

Hans Metz (1st chair), Klaus Buschenhagen, Klaus Büscher, Arwed Gorella,
Prof. Wolfgang Ludwig, Bernhard Mensch

Reent Schwarz (1st chair), Hans Metz, Klaus Büscher, Gernot Bubenik, Arwed Gorella, Herbert Mondry (resigned in 1973), Dieter Ruckhaberle, Jürgen Zeidler

Paul Corazolla (1st chair, resigned in 1971), Gernot Bubenik, Eugen Clermont (resigned in 1971), Arwed Gorella, Herbert Mondry, Dieter Ruckhaberle, Jürgen Zeidler

Karl Oppermann (1st chair), Gernot Bubenik, Franz R. Knubel, Sigmund Lympasik, Herbert Mondry, Lou Scheper-Berkenkamp, Gory von Stryk

Ludwig Peter Kowalski (1st chair, died in 1967), Lou Scheper-Berkenkamp (2nd chair, interim chair 1967/1968), Alexander Kampmann, Kat Kampmann, lmmanuel Meyer-Pyritz, Erich F. Reuter, Gory von Stryk

Ludwig Peter Kowalski (1st chair), Alexander Kampmann, lmmanuel Meyer-Pyritz, Heinrich Richter, Lou Scheper-Berkenkamp, Gory von Stryk, Hans Szym (until 1960) 

1950 - 1958
Wolf Hoffmann (1.Vorsitzender), Ludwig Peter Kowalski, lmmanuel Meyer-Pyfltz, Heinrich Richter, Loulse Stomps (resigned in 1952) successor Lou Scheper-Berkenkamp, Gory von Stryk, Hans Szym