Membership in the bbk berlin

JOIN US! Admission of new members

Direct admission is possible with one of the following verifications:

  • A degree in visual arts (Bachelor's, Diplom, Master's, Meisterschüler*in or an equivalent  degree) from a state recognised German or comparable foreign arts university.
  • Membership within another bbk association or within the Deutscher Künstlerbund or the visual arts section of the "Akademie der Künste" or the GEDOK.
  • A certificate of matriculation in visual arts at a state recognised art university, college or academy.
  • A professorship or teaching position in the visual arts at a state recognised German or comparable foreign arts university.
  • A studio or studio apartment from the Berlin studio program awarded by the studio advisory board (Proof will be obtained from the studio office by the bbk berlin).

For direct admission,

The following documents must be submitted by post:

Admission by the admissions committee with one of the following verifications:

  • A professional practice involving exhibitions and/or
  • A professional practice involving publications and/or 
  • Continuous artistic activity. 

The detailed requirements regarding the documents to be submitted can be found in the PDF "Application form for the examination by the Admissions Committee". The Admissions Committee will decide based on the materials submitted if further documents/materials for the documentation and/or the submission of originals are required.

For admission by the admissions committee

The following documents must be submitted by email:

A digital admissions process is currently being carried out. Additional documents must also be submitted digitally (to

Only for applicants for the Admission Committee:
The next meeting of the Admission Committee will take place in winter.
Application deadline will be announced soon.

Annual membership fee


Terminating membership

The executive board must be notified of any termination of membership by e-mail or by post, giving three months' notice to the end of the year (post must be received by 1 October of the current year, at the latest). We kindly ask you to pay any contributions outstanding until then. Membership within the bbk berlin refers to the current calendar year.

Membership card

Members of the bbk berlin receive a membership card, which gives them free admission to some exhibition houses and museums as well as discounts at cooperating dealers.

The membership card must be renewed regularly.

A passport photo is required for the reissue of a membership card.  

Please send a passport photo or the membership card for renewal by mail to:
Office of the bbk berlin, Köthener Straße 44, 10963 Berlin.

Information about the international artist card: