General meeting and Statue

General meeting

The general meeting is the highest decision-making body of the bbk berlin. Members exercise their rights in person; votes are non-transferable.

The heart of the association's work is the general meeting, which is held twice a year. Every member of the association can participate. The meeting determines policy guidelines, elects the board, and key commissions for the association's activities.


The berufsverband bildender künstler*innen berlin is independent, democratic, solidary and transparent; it represents the interests of all visual artists in Berlin. It aims to strengthen artists' rights, improve their production conditions, and ensure that they have a say in cultural policy.

Rules of procedure of the board

The board of the berufsverband bildender künstler*innen berlin represents the statutory interests of the bbk berlin's members and the general interests of professional artists. It does not represent the particular interests of individual members, employees of the bbk berlin, or employees of the bbk berlin's subsidiaries. The rules of procedure of the board can be found here in German only: