27.09.2022 | The bildungswerk introduces: Helene Bosecker

We would like to introduce you to our lecturers here on a weekly basis and thus also show the range of topics available for courses and workshops.

Conference on Shaping Feminist Foreign Policy

Conference on Shaping Feminist Foreign Policy

What exactly should guide German feminist foreign policy in the future? And what can Germany learn from countries that are already shaping their foreign and security policy to be feminist? These will be the big questions in Berlin on 12 September - our spokesperson Zoë Claire Miller takes part in the expert panel discussions.

10.08.2022 | Solidarity and support for refugee artists and cultural workers from the war zones of Ukraine

Demonstration am 27.2.2022 Berlin - Die Vielen

The bbk berlin and its kulturwerk offer active help to refugee artists and cultural workers from the war zones of Ukraine. We provide our networks and infrastructure, especially the workshops. Our offices and staff will provide orientation and support networking with the local scene as far as possible. This includes that the bbk berlin channels and coordinates individual requests for help and

07.07.2022 | Ceramic workshop is fully booked in 2022

Bildhauerwerkstatt _ Keramik

The Ceramic workshop is fully booked until the end of 2022. From 30.11.2022 we accept requests for the 1st half of the year 2023 by mail, including the size of the project and duration. External firings are possible on a limited basis. Confirmations of bookings will be made only via mail! Without written confirmation, the space or furnace is not reserved.

05.07.2022 | rbb: Uferhallen in Moabit are about to undergo a big change | Martin Schwegmann in conversation

Martin Schwegmann im Gespräch - rbb abendschau

The Uferhallen in Moabit, a place for alternative art and culture, is facing a major upheaval. The entire area is to be rebuilt and surrounded by flats. The artists now fear for their prospects - because in other districts of the city, art locations have already irretrievably disappeared. In conversation: Martin Schwegmann, Studio Commissioner for Berlin. A contribution by Christian Titze.

04.07.2022 | KSK (Artists' Social Insurance) Act: ver.di welcomes planned adjustments


An important step towards more fairness. In the future - as demanded by ver.di - the following should apply: Artists and publicists will be and remain insured through the Künstlersozialkasse (KSK) as long as their artistic activities predominate. So far, insured persons lose protection through the KSK as soon as they earn more than 450 euros per month in a self-employed non-artistic profession

01.07.2022 | Research and work scholarships are significantly increased in number

The bbk berlin has succeeded in achieving a significant increase in the number of research grants. From 2023, 1,096,000 euros will be available in the state budget for this purpose and 137 research scholarships will be awarded instead of the current 60. The number of working scholarships will also increase and a sliding scale will be introduced.

30.06.2022 | Petition: In support of documenta fifteen

The spokesperson of the bbk berlin, Zoë Claire Miller, is one of the first signatories of the petition "In support of documenta fifteen" by Iris Dressler on "In our opinion, the mistake of showing "People's Justice" should not lead to a blanket condemnation of the entire documenta fifteen with its hundreds of artists and activists and their impressive, important and enriching

14.06.2022 | Extraordinary general meeting with election of the board on 6 July

bbk berlin logo mv 2022

The Board of the bbk berlin invites to the extraordinary general meeting on 6 July 2022 at 6 pm in the Sculpture workshop. With best regards, the Board

24.06.2022 | Corona Update #25: IBB's audit sampling (Stichprobenprüfung) of Corona Soforthilfe II / Landeszuschuss

Uns erreichen unzählige Nachfragen zu der Stichprobenerhebung, die die IBB derzeit zur Verwendung der Corona Soforthilfe II (Zuschuss des Landes Berlin) i.H.v. 5.000 Euro durchführt. Bei dieser Stichprobenerhebung wird über ein Formular die Verwendung der Mittel für den Zeitraum April – Juni 2020, also für 3 Monate abgefragt. Wird über die Eingabe in die vorgegebenen Ausgabenfelder nicht die Summe

30.05.2022 | Press echo to the press release of the bbk berlin: "Berliner Kunsthalle"-a label fraud

Streit um die Kunsthalle - blau

The bbk berlin summarizes the reactions in the media since its press release of January 28. What interests does the association "Stiftung für Kunst und Kultur e.V.", which runs the "Berliner Kunsthalle", represent? And what role does the state of Berlin play in this appropriation of the name and representation? The debate continues and concepts are being developed:

27.05.2022 | "Hall for All" (Halle für Alle) - New Alliance Paves the Way for Sustainable Development

Halle für alle

The bbk berlin informs: On Monday, 30.5. at 5 p.m., the Transformationsbündnis THF (Transformation Alliance THF) invites the Berlin community to join us on site for the festivities! We are going to celebrate the finissage of the current exhibition of the "Kunsthalle Berlin", the closing of the so-called Kunsthalle and the rededication of the space it occupied as a benchmark for cultural, community

Spring Plenum MONDAY May 16 6pm

Koalition der Freien Szene Logo

Liebe Freie Szene, unser Frühlingsplenum findet am 16. Mai 2022 im digitalen Raum als Zoom-Videokonferenz statt. Der Zeitraum ist von 18 – 20 Uhr.

12.05.2022 | New regulation: Parking at the sculpture workshop

BHW Zugang Osloerstraße

Parking at the sculpture workshop is only permitted with a special permit. The special permit is available in the office or from the workshop managers. Parking is only allowed directly at the building.

31.03.2022 | Help for fled artists from Ukraine

Demonstration am 27.2.2022 Berlin - Die Vielen

The bbk berlin announces a notice of the studio office for the active support of Ukrainian artists: "Dear artists, the war in Ukraine has dramatically changed the lives of many people overnight. The number of people who have left their homes and are on the run continues to rise every day. Among the refugees arriving in Berlin are also many artists. (...)

17.03.2022 | Information and links: Ukrainian Dispatch - Solidarity as Cultural Praxis during Wartime

Ukraine Depeche 14.03.2022

Solidarity and support for Ukrainian cultural workers: Let’s not forget people who decided to stay in Ukraine, protect the heritage and continue working under precarious conditions. Art, culture and war. An overview of hot questions and quick answers, by Maria Isserlis

Handout and video recording: Summary of the VG Bild-Kunst event of January 31, 2022

Kalep Tapp arrow

Mehr ist mehr ! Es geht um Geld. Was ist neu bei der VG-Bild Kunst? Wie funktioniert die Vergütung? Wie melde ich eigentlich richtig? Warum ist die Stimmrechtsübertragung bei der Berufsgruppenversammlung für uns wichtig? Konzept und Durchführung: Martin Zellerhoff und Susanne Kutter, Moderation: Wibke Behrens

15.03.2022 | rbb-inforadio: War in Ukraine: What can art do?

Ukraine Depeche 14.03.2022

What can culture do concretely for artists from Ukraine? In order to clarify this question, the Professional Association of Visual Artists in Berlin - bbk berlin, together with other cultural initiatives, invited to a solidarity evening, where artists from Ukraine were present. By Barbara Wiegand

11.03.2022 | Invitation of the bbk berlin, CCA Berlin, Neue Nachbarschaft/Moabit to the panel discussion: Ukrainian Dispatch - Solidarity as Cultural Praxis during Wartime 14. März 6 pm

Ukraine Depesche

The bbk berlin, CCA Berlin and Neue Nachbarschaft/ Moabit warmly invite you to the panel discussion. On Monday, 14.3.2022, 6 pm at CCA Berlin – Center for Contemporary Arts, Kurfürstenstraße 145, 10785 Berlin: Let’s listen to the ones who are directly affected. In regard to what the cultural scene and the art world can do beyond symbolic gestures – what can be done to save lives and provide


No winners or losers emerge from a war. Each side loses lives, honor and prestige, and the whole world pays for the pain and misery that results. Our historical records are filled with shameful accounts of wars and the consequent judgment and condemnation of the perpetrators of these crimes against humanity and nature. As the French politician Jean Jaures said in 1903, “Courage lies in not