Parliaments of the Many

DIE VIELEN - PROTEST & DEMONSTRATION SUN, 9/19/2021, 3 PM, PLATZ DER REPUBLIK | Quote: "More than 10 million people in Germany are not allowed to vote because they do not hold German passports. This means that they are excluded from the democratic decision-making process even though they have, on average, lived in Germany for over 15 years, work in Germany and contribute to society. This not only

16.07.2021 | Tax treatment of the Special Scholarship Program 2020

Tax treatment of the Special Scholarship Program of the Senate Department for Culture and Europe in 2020. | As we have been informed by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe, the Special Scholarship in 2020 will be classified as taxable income as determined by the Senate Department for Finance. A corresponding instruction was and is available to all tax offices.

- The bbk berlin informs: Defund the Humboldt Forum! Opening of the decolonial action space Spreeufer

Fotos: Plakate der CCWAH-Aktion und Schiff von Daniela Zambrano und Pablo Santacana im Spreeufer

Plakate der CCWAH-Aktion und Schiff von Daniela Zambrano und Pablo Santacana im Spreeufer / Posters from the CCWAH campaign and ship by Daniela Zambrano and Pablo Santacana in Spreeufer

The bbk berlin informs about the press release of the CCWAH: "There must be no ‘business as usual’ for the Humboldt Forum in the Berlin Palace! To this end, we have opened an action space in its immediate vicinity in the Nikolaiviertel under the name of Spreeufer, directly at Spreeufer 6. From here we hurl a decisive and powerful “No way!” in the direction of cultural-imperial megalomania

01.07.2021 | Tax return 2020 - deadline extension for submission to the tax office until 31.10.2021

For taxpayers who prepare their own tax returns (so-called "non-advised taxpayers"), the final filing deadline is Oct. 31, 2021, which extends the July 31 deadline first stated by 3 months.



Zoë Claire Miller, bbk berlin: Next week we will be discussing labour issues in arts and culture with @bbkBerlin / @UVWunion / IG Kultur / Working Artists and the Greater Economy (W.A.G.E.) / Art Workers Italia / Σ.Ε.ΧΩ.ΧΟ / Za K.R.U.H. / ULUS - One world - one struggle

18.06.2021 | The BVG Culture Ticket - a support campaign for Berlin artists

Licht im Schacht - BVG Kulturticket

Since 7.6.2021, BVG's "Licht im Schacht" (Light in the Shaft) campaign has been running to raise funds for Berlin artists and creators of art who have experienced economic hardship as a result of the Corona pandemic. Donations can be made by purchasing a Kulturticket, which comes with a surcharge of one euro on the normal Berlin AB one-way ticket. The Kulturticket is available at every BVG ticket

Invitation: Summer Plenum of the Free Scene!

Dear Independent Arts Community, the next plenum of the Coalition of the Indepenent Arts will take place on Tuesday, August 17 at 6pm in UFERSTUDIOS in front of studio 11 (Uferstudios | Uferstraße 23, 13357 Berlin [U8 Gesundbrunnen]). Please come and let as many other members of the community know about it as possible – we are stronger together!

Invitation: Digital Spring Plenum of the Free Scene!

Dear Independent Arts Community, our next plenum will take place digitally (using the platform Zoom) on May 17 from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm.


We received a request from the Croatian artist Sanja Iveković for active support of the appeal: Urgent charity action of SOLIDARNA Foundation and Fund 5.5 - IN SOLIDARITY WITH PETRINJA AND SISAK-MOSLAVINA COUNTY. In compassion and solidarity with the citizens of Petrinja and the surrounding area who lost their lives and their loved ones, and were affected by continuous devastating earthquakes in

We are at your side also in 2021.

Seasons greetings 2020

In this, for many people turbulent year 2020, we have stood by your side and will continue to do so. Despite and even because of the difficult conditions, we have continued to stick to our goals and to fight for better working conditions in the arts. We thank all artists for their enriching commitment. The numerous open letters have actively supported our work. Of course we hope for the best for

03.12.2020 | BlueMonday 2020


Dear friends of the printing workshop, we would like to invite you, as every year, to this year's BlueMonday on December 14th, if it weren't for Corona. There would have been an exhibition opening with current works from all workshops. We would also have taken care of the physical well-being. And music for late-night dancing would not have been missing. Nevertheless we say thank you for your trust

03.12.2020 | Stop the State-sanctioned violence against Cuban artists and journalists

Petition Kuba

UPDATE 02/12/2020 Coco Fusco: This morning, Cuban artist Tania Bruguera was threatened once again by state security agents for her role in the historic November 27 meeting between Cuban artists and state officials about state repression of the cultural sector. Cuban journalist Carlos Manuel Alvarez, who has been reporting on the hunger strike by art-activists that preceded the November 27 meeting

24.11.2020 | Learning from successful Artists' Assoziation around the globe

Learning from Successful Artists' Associations Around the Globe

Learning from Successful Artists‘  Assoziation Around the Globe around the globe have in common, and the qualities which make their organizations successful. Very honored that the the Israeli Visual Artists Association invited bbk berlin as one of "three of the world's leading artists' associations to discuss the issues visual artists associations around the globe have in common". video up now:

25.11.2020 | IFSE: German Fine Art Galleries 2020

Galerienstudie 2020 - IFSE, Hergen Wöbken in Kooperation mit dem BVDG

Hergen Wöbken vom Institut für Strategieentwicklung (IFSE), Berlin, hat mit dem BVDG zusammen eine Studie zur Situation der Galerien in Deutschland durchgeführt. Im August wurden von uns knapp 500 Galerien für die Galerienstudie 2020 angeschrieben, 3 Wochen lief die online-Befragung, knapp 240 Galerien haben sich relevant an der Studie beteiligt, im Oktober führte Hergen Wöbken zahlreiche


Res Artis COVID-19 SURVEY I 2020

Take part in COVID-19 SURVEY 2 by Res Artis Org: MEDIUM-TERM IMPACT ON THE ARTS RESIDENCY SECTOR - Worldwide Network of Arts Residencies is partnering with UCL (University College London) to conduct this survey to assess the true impact of COVID-19 specifically on the arts residencies field. This survey is the second of three planned surveys to assess the effects of the pandemic on this sector.

bbk berlin as guest: Learning from Successful Artists' Associations Around the Globe

Learning from Successful Artists' Associations

Celebrating a new publication on the subject, The Israeli Visual Artists Association invites the representatives of three of the world's leading artists' associations to discuss the issues visual artists associations around the globe have in common, and the qualities which make their organizations successful.

16.10.2020 | Clarification: The bbk berlin on the NEUSTART KULTUR programs for visual artists initiated by Stiftung Kunstfonds Bonn and Bundesverband Bildender Künstlerinnen und Künstler

Der Bund hat das Förderprogramm "Neustart Kultur" aufgelegt. Es dient insbesondere der Unterstützung der privaten Kulturwirtschaft in der Corona-Krise. Das ist legitim und notwendig. Auf Bundesebene ist auch zu hören, diese Programme dienten insbesondere auch der Unterstützung von Künstler*innen. Nein, das ist nicht so. Die übergroße Mehrheit der Künstler*innen in Deutschland wird vom Bund bislang

12.10.2020 | Press release of the bbk berlin: Defend the Peace-Statue in Berlin!


Kundgebung für den Erhalt der Friedensstatue in Berlin Moabit am 13.10.2020

The protest was successful. For the time being, the sculpture remains in its place.!5717416/
The critical artwork was not to be removed from public space under pressure from the Japanese government. Come and protest on October 13, 2020 at 12 noon on Bremer Strasse / corner of Birkenstrasse in Berlin - against the request for dismantling by



In September 2020, Viktor Orbán's right-wing national government abolishes the autonomy of universities. Virtually all management capacities of the previously self-governing Budapest University of Theatre and Film Arts (SZFE) have recently been taken over by a board of trustees appointed by the government. The president of this board of trustees is Attila Vidnyánszky, director of the National

03.09.2020 | The new Board of the bbk berlin e.V. is elected

Vorstand des bbk berlin

Vorstand des/The board members of the/ bbk berlin: Sabine Reinfeld, Raul Walch, Frauke Boggasch, Heidi Sill, Patrick Huber, Susanne Kutter, Zoë Claire Miller. (v.l.n.r./f.l.t.r.) *Der MNS wurde nur für das Foto kurz abgenommen.

At the general meeting of the Berufsverband bildender künstler berlin e.V. on September 2, 2020, the new Board was elected: The two spokespersons Heidi Sill and Zoë Claire Miller were confirmed by a large majority. Frauke Boggasch, Patrick Huber, Susanne Kutter, Sabine Reinfeld, and Raul Walch were elected as additional board members. The Board thanks Sophie-Therese Trenka-Dalton for her