Save the date: Mitgliederversammlung in der Bildhauerwerkstatt

rundbrief bbk berlin Mai 2023

To the members of the bbk berlin: Save the date - 2023/06/07, 6 pm

Location: Bildhauerwerkstatt des bbk berlin (Sculpture workshop)
Osloer Strasse 102, 13359 Berlin

Dear artists,

the Board of the bbk berlin cordially invites you to the regular general meeting. Important issues in the last six months are: the significant increase in exhibition fees in the "Kommunale Galerien Berlin"; the commitment to more transparent and fairer funding and awarding structures at the federal level, using the example of NEUSTART KULTUR; the increasing struggle for studio space in Berlin; the rising costs of living and working in the freelance professions, which makes the struggle for basic fees for freelancers in culture and media ever more urgent. This includes solutions to overcome the massive old-age poverty among artists in all sectors and the end of the gender pay gap. Initiated by the LAFT, a Fee Summit will take place with many professional federal and regionale associations on 31 May 2023.

The re-run of the elections in Berlin means for the artists and their associations adjusting to new contacts, conducting negotiations with them and initiating new projects. Because there are still problems in many places, whether at the Tempelhof Airport, at the Molkenmarkt, in the Alte Münze or the Uferhallen.

More details you will find in the board report and in the general meeting itself.

We propose the following agenda:


    Top 1: Opening and welcome
    Top 2: Determination of the quorum according to § 9 of the statutes
    Top 3: Election of a meeting chair and taking of minutes
    Top 4: Report of the Executive Board
    Top 5: Discussion of Top 4
    Top 6: Consent to the appointment of a further managing director
    Top 7: Motion to change the statutes: Time limit for the general meeting
    Top 8: Miscellaneous

With kind regards
Board of the bbk berlin: Frauke Boggasch, Zoë Claire Miller – spokespersons, Johannes Büttner, Birgit Cauer, Sylbee Kim, Markues and Raul Walch