01.07.2022 | Research and work scholarships are significantly increased in number

The bbk berlin has succeeded in achieving a significant increase in the number of research grants. From 2023, 1,096,000 euros will be available in the state budget for this purpose and 137 research scholarships will be awarded instead of the current 60. The number of working scholarships will also increase and a sliding scale will be introduced.

The Senate Cultural Administration told:

"The sliding scale for the working scholarships enables us to,

  • to meet the requirements for a more needs-based award. Applicants can decide whether they need 16,000 or 24,000 euros for their project.
  • to meet the juries' desire for more flexibility within the process.
  • to make it possible to combine scholarships with other scholarships up to a total amount of 24,000 euros per year.
  • to be able to award more scholarships for this funding purpose."

Click here for the call for applications for the working scholarships:

Link: https://www.bbk-berlin.de/ausschreibungen/arbeitsstipendien-bildende-kunst-2023