12.09.2023 | Studio1Labor at DeutschlandRadioKultur: Zoë Claire Miller in conversation about womens’ advancement in art

10.09.2023 | DeutschlandRadioKultur, Thorsten Jantschek at Podcast Stunde 1 Labor interviewing Zoë Claire Miller, among others: excerpt: "There is definitely a need for women's advancement in the arts. The gender pay gap and gender show gap is worse in the visual arts than it is on average (the case) in other professions. It's also very noticeable, especially, that women are penalized for having families, which is not at all comparable for men. Women who are artists and have children are not taken seriously and have a huge career disadvantage. [...] Very many funding formats are incompatible with women artists having children [...]

I think that public funding and exhibition practices are already a bit further ahead. But the history of art was written by men for men, and especially areas of the private sector like galleries and commercial art trade are patriarchally designed.“

55' : https://www.deutschlandfunkkultur.de/frauenfoerderung-in-der-kunst-dlf-kultur-7980cc25-102.html