14.07.2023 | Künstlersozialkasse KSK informs: Debits by the UVB are correct!

Debit entries in July in the name of the Federal and Railway Accident Insurance (UVB) are correct!

The bank has changed the text for the debiting of insurance contributions, the artists' social security contribution and the monthly advance payments, as well as for current payments from the artists' social security fund. The Federal and Railway Accident Insurance Fund (UVB) is now specified as the ordering party instead of the Künstlersozialkasse (social insurance fund for artists).

The bank account of the Künstlersozialkasse has not changed, but only the name of the account holder. The Federal and Railway Accident Insurance carries out the Artists' Social Insurance Act on behalf of the Federal Government. The Künstlersozialkasse is part of this funding body.

The payments and debits are correct! Please do not cancel the direct debits!

If you have already objected to the direct debit, please settle the amount as soon as possible by transfer to one of the following accounts of the Künstlersozialkasse.

Bank details:

Hamburger Sparkasse
IBAN: DE18 2005 0550 1280 1233 55 BIC: HASPDEHHXXX

Postbank AG
IBAN: DE57 2501 0030 0361 9503 03 BIC: PBNKDEFF

Please make sure that you enter the correct IBAN. If your bank displays the UVB as the payment recipient after you enter the IBAN, this is correct (see above). If you can enter the payment recipient yourself, you can enter both the UVB and the Künstlersozialkasse. Due to the previously mentioned IBAN, a correct assignment of your payment to the correct recipient account is guaranteed.

We will try to clarify any further questions you may have as soon as possible and answer them on our website. Until then, we ask for your patience and apologize for the inconvenience.