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Activities of the bbk berlin

The approx. 2000 members are offered a wide range of services, such as professional legal protection, free legal advice and consultation on tax, studio rental and insurances; furthermore it provides a frame hire service and career information, as well as the opportunity to present their work on the Internet.

It protects the cultural, economic, legal and social interests of Berlin’s artists in a public and parliamentary context and promotes transparent, accessible structures within the art industry.

It is a contact partner for specialists, the general public and politics. It comments on issues relevant to the artist’s position and working conditions in society. It is actively involved in cultural politics and advises political committees to represent the interest of all artists.

A key factor is the structural support to all artists: the infrastructure and production resources provided by its two affiliated institutions, the Kulturwerk and the Bildungswerk.


bbk berlin e.V.

Köthener Straße 44
10963 Berlin

tel 030 230899-0
fax 030 230899-19