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About the bbk berlin

  • The bbk berlin currently organizes more than 2,250 visual artists of all genres.
  • Every artist has interests. Only through unified action can artists push these interests through. The Professional Association of Berlin Visual Artists serves as a platform and an instrument to that end.
  • bbk berlins represents the general interests of its occupational group from a professional, social and economic standpoint and implements them with respect to the government and its administrative agencies, private and public exhibitors, as well as galleries, museums, art associations and the art trade.
  • In addition, bbk berlins offers its members the most diverse services in the form of wide-ranging information, advice and support.
  • The goal of bbk berlins is to create a framework of conditions for all visual artists, making it possible to work independently of obligations to adapt or commercialize and without restrictions on artistic freedom. In the interests of artists, bbk berlins is committed to transparency and having a say on committees that make decisions on art. In addition to the imperative presence at relevant meetings and conferences of important committees, the association mobilizes its members when pressure appears necessary to push through interests.
  • With more than two thousand professional visual artists in all art areas and artistic positions, the association is one of the largest artist organizations in Germany. It is non-partisan and not linked to government. bbk berlins is financed by the contributions of its members alone and thus maintains its independence as an advocate of visual artist interests.
  • The facilities established by bbk berlins are combined in two jointly used branch subsidiaries: Educational Project GmbH and the publicly subsidized Cultural Project GmbH. The facilities of bbk berlins serve for the organized sponsorship of visual artists and provide the necessary conditions for the creation of art that do not exist on the open market or are associated with high costs.
  • Up to four thousand artists from home and abroad use the workshops and studios of bbk berlins, participate in exhibitions and projects for art-on-public-premises, and participate in workshops, seminars and organized events for continuing professional improvement and artistic experience.