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Survey on the state of the visual arts in Berlin

Invitation to all visual artists
Please participate in support of artistic work in Berlin!

Artists make Berlin an internationally attractive city. This is only possible because Berlin is one of the most important production locations for the arts, especially for the visual arts.

It is all the more necessary to know how is the situation of the artists, in times of aggressive rent development and displacement from the urban centers, in times of loss of studio and living spaces. Even before the situation on the real estate market intensified, visual artists were among the low-earners. What is the significance of the increase in rental payments to 50-60% of the average income for art producers? What is left to live, what to work with? Is there a future for families or single parents who are freelance artists in the citiy? Are there differences in the career development of male and female artists? If so, how much do they influence their family situation? What awaits artists in their old age? What needs to be done to not only recognize but overcome the problems?

The time for the questionnaire is about 20-50 minutes depending on the verbosity of the answers:

Invited to participate are all visual artists who have a connection to Berlin, work in Berlin, live or realize projects temporarely. We know that we expect a lot from the participants:time, patience and openness, because this study is extensive. But without your support, we can not justify cultural policy demands! Example: The implementation of the exhibition fees in Berlin took many years, but the bbk berlin has been able to anchor a budget title in cooperation with the municipal galleries of the city since 2016 - and on a new and higher level and for all visual artists working in municipal sponsored institutions of Berlin since 2018. Please join and recommend the survey, share it through the social networks. The results, which are relevant for all artists, serve as a basis for cultural policy debates on necessary new impulses and strategies for the development of artistic infrastructure in Berlin.

Berlin should remain a production location for artists!

The bbk berlin (professional association of visual artists berlin) has initiated this new study and has been able to win over the Institute for Strategy Development (IFSE). The study and the questionnaire were developed in collaboration with artists, cultural policy-makers and institutional representatives in Berlin.
Since 2010, the IFSE has successfully and independently conducted three professional studies on different aspects and developments in the visual arts in Berlin. We build on that. The survey is also supported by the Senate Department for Health, Nursing and Equality - Women's and Gender Equality Department.

The results will be presented in April 2018 in Berlin.

We sincerely thank all participants!


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