27.05.2022 | "Hall for All" (Halle für Alle) - New Alliance Paves the Way for Sustainable Development

Halle für alle

The bbk berlin informs about the press release of the THF - Transformation Alliance - of 26.05.2022

The controversial "Kunsthalle Berlin" at Tempelhof Airport transforms into the "Hall for All.”

The "Hall for All" (Halle für Alle) marks the beginning of a new era for the former airport THF in Berlin. On Monday, 30.5. at 5 p.m., the Transformationsbündnis THF (Transformation Alliance THF) invites the Berlin community to join us on site for the festivities! We are going to celebrate the finissage of the current exhibition of the "Kunsthalle Berlin", the closing of the so-called Kunsthalle and the rededication of the space it occupied as a benchmark for cultural, community-based, ecologically and socially just development of the entire former airport area. Hangar 2 & 3 will be renamed, there will be a key handover and performances. Access to the venue in front of Hangar 2 is via Columbiadamm.


The former Tempelhof Airport complex and the surrounding open spaces have been a contested area since flight operations ended. Despite a participation concept, the development of the site as a communal commons and resource for urban society is not proceeding. Now a broad alliance of cultural workers, sustainability activists, refugee initiatives and urban developers has formed in order to get things moving.

The goal of the Transformation Alliance THF is to establish a cooperative, transparent process: a public-common-partnership for the entire building complex – in place of the corruption-prone public-private-partnership model. This development process will consistently focus on the creation of sustainable and democratic structures and enable climate neutrality, regionality and resilience.

The enormous complex must be made accessible to the communities of Berlin. Tempelhof Projekt GmbH, the state-owned company in charge of developing the site, can no longer be a black box. Its advisory board can no longer be made up of a majority of city administration staff and politicians who have failed to fulfill their duties to oversee the development responsibly. A truly participatory and transparent process is necessary to make this resource available and useful for our future.

The alliance offers its civic expertise to the administration and politicians, so that a resilient development of the former airport can be realized. Our aim is to create a place for social and ecological practices, art and culture, for all the people living in Berlin. A hub for social, inclusive and climate-friendly urban development in the interest of the residents of Berlin.

About the background and some statements (by: Muriel Nestler, Material Infrastructure working group of the Coalition of the Independent Scene Berlin, pioneer project manager in the House of Materialization; Cléo Mieulet, initiator Transformation Haus und Feld; Corinna Weiner, spokesperson for the THF working group, Coalition of the Independent Scene Berlin; Zoë Claire Miller, spokeswoman of the association of visual artists bbk berlin and s Heike Aghte, initiator THF Vision; please read the press release by the THF: